Life Changing Labs (“LCL”) is a not for profit organization that supports Cornell’s top entrepreneurially minded students through running the summer incubator program, providing the opportunity to get hands on experience with startup companies, and providing mentorship and guidance from experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals.

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We take no equity. LCL is a passionate community of founders who help push each other to succeed.

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LCL Stories

  • Creating a startup is best not to do in a bubble and having insightful, experienced mentors is invaluable. LCL has given us the structure, guidance, and feedback we needed to push ourselves and prepare our product for the next stage.

    sean Sean Corriel Craftcloud, Founder | MBA '15
  • The incubator sped up our customer discovery process. We learned that 'fail fast' is crucial. The people and resources that LCL provides are extremely helpful to an early stage start-up like Upursuit. We were lucky to have met the interns and founders who are very talented and hard working.

    david-na David Na Upursuit, Founder | MBA 2015
  • LCL is fantastic! Through the mentors and resources they provided, we went from having minimal startup experience to establishing strategic relationships to grow our company.

    mingchee Mingchee Tan Dynamic Boundaries, Founder | PhD
  • LCL took a huge weight off my shoulders as a founder. Whether it was helping with the website or editing the term sheet for investors, each member of LCL brings extremely useful skills that helped alleviate a lot of the insane pressure that comes with startups.

    micah-green Micah Green Maidbot, Founder | Hotel Administration 2018
  • The summer incubator program brought us one step closer to transforming our idea into a profitable business. It was a fun and unique experience. A summer well spent.

    manu Manu Ponnapati Craftcloud, Founder | B. Tech 2016
  • LCL has been a great stepping stone between being a student into a young alum. It has taught me the in's and out's of what goes into creating a startup company.

    will Will Larkin Business Development/Documentation Coordinator | ILR '15
  • I wish LCL was here when I was in school.

    IMG_7497 Haroon Ismail LCL, Partner | HBHS '13
  • LCL is the coolest thing you can do in the summer at Cornell. Work on your personal portfolio, gain experience in tech, design, and business, and be involved with a lot of passionate projects on campus.

    IMG_7479 Steven Lai Life Changer '15 | Computer Science, Philosophy '18
  • LCL is like nothing else I have been a part of on campus with its rapidly growing momentum, dynamic energy, and intense focus

    ryan Ryan Kishore LCL, Vice President | Applied Engineering Physics '17
  • LCL has helped me find what I love to do. I am looking to grow the resources and opportunities offered by LCL to empower students, alumni, and professionals to come together to do what they love.

    Michael Raspuzzi LCL, President | Architecture '16
  • I wish LCL was here when I was in school.

    IMG_7497 Haroon Ismail LCL, Partner | HBHS '13
  • LCL has exposed me to the realities of startup life--it can be unpredictable, demanding, and stressful, but it's also inspiring.

    IMG_7467 Arpit Sheth Life Changer '15 | Computer Science '17
  • LCL is a great opportunity for people to develop an early stage venture in an energetic, supportive community.

    IMG_7413 Aaron Proujansky LCL, Mentor


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